The Builder Partnerships Team

Charles Shinn

Charles C. Shinn, Jr., PhD

For nearly 45 years, Charles (Chuck) C. Shinn, Jr., PhD has been dedicated to improving the management standards and profitability of the homebuildng industry. He inspired hundreds of builders each year through his frequent speaking engagements and educational seminars. Chuck's cutting edge knowledge and teaching methods have allowed many of the leading regional home builders to imporve their systems, and thus significantly increase their bottom line. Chuck has also spent nearly 45 years working with manufacturers through NAHB's Leading Suppliers Council. He has been co-chair of the council and also as part of his efforts with manufacturers, he led several seminars on "How Builders Buy".

Chuck started Builder Partnerships to address the many issues and barriers to effective communication between builders and manufacturers. Bringing his expertise and strong relationships with builders together with his experience working with the manufacturers, Chuck has created this innovative organization to meet the needs of both parties.

Chuck Shinn holds a BA in Economics, and an MBS and PhD in Business Administration from the College of Business Administration at American University in Washington, DC.

Emma Shinn

Emma S. Shinn, CPA

Emma Shinn is a CPA with an MBA in Accounting from the College of Business Administration at American University in Washington, DC.

She is the author of Accounting and Financial Mangement for Residential Construction, a book she wrote in 1972 and updated regularly since. Emma Shinn is an expert in managerial accounting; with the unique ability to explain accounting and financial statements so everyone can understand, and master, these important concepts.

She is a regular speaker at management seminars and national and regional homebuilder conferences; and lends her expertise to NAHB committees. Since 1993, Emma has conducted an annual financial survey and analysis of over 100 companies; and works with clients to provide guidance for using financial information to make sound management decisions.

Emma Shinn

Stephen Crouch

Stephen Crouch started working with Builder Partnerships in January 2014. As Vice President of Manufacturer Relationships and Marketing, it is Stephen’s responsibility to leverage his manufacturer marketing experience in an effort to offer our manufacturer members information, resources, and tools that make it possible for them to cost effectively reach the Mid-Tier segment of builders. Stephen has more than 17 years of proven success applying a market focused and value-added approach to drive P&L, sales/marketing, process improvement, product development, and strategic acquisition results in building products and appliance components in both domestic and international manufacturing settings with Johns Manville and Emerson Electric. He has realized consistent success in developing and executing business development, product development, and marketing strategies that deliver growth, profits, and market penetration during both favorable and unfavorable market conditions. Stephen has a BS and Master’s degree in Accounting

Ed Hauck

Ed Hauck

Ed Hauck is a 30-Year veteran of the building industry. Most recently, Ed was a Partner of Rouse Chamberlin Ltd and Director of Purchasing for Rouse Chamberlin Homes. He spent 20 years working in the company to oversee operations, purchasing and other special projects. Recently, his main focus had been on value engineering, implementing energy efficiency processes to meet NAHB codes and standards and streamlining processes within the organization. In 2011, Ed was named President of the Home Builders Association of Bucks/Montgomery Counties and served for one year. With Builder Partnerships, Ed’s main goal will be to reach out to our builder members to assist them with understanding the different programs and support Builder Partnerships offers.

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