I wanted to take a moment to thank you for another great (Executive Summit) conference.  I really enjoy these events as I know I have a lot to learn and your conferences challenge me each year to find new ways to improve.  I look forward to implementing a few more nuggets this year and helping our team get to the next level.

Jeremy Knicely

StyleCraft Homes

The (Managing for Profit) seminar format, venue, organization, content, presenters, and presentations were perfect.  I brought a lot home and will thank you and your team in advance for the success we’ll derive from it.

Randy Thrash

Rausch Coleman Homes

It is always amazing to me how you are able to take a room full of adults used to the exciting day-to-day of business culture and get them to sit in a chair for 8 hours and keep them interested and entertained the whole time!  I thought the (Managing for Profit) class enjoyable and a great use of my time.

Andy Sanchez

Vantage Homes


                I really enjoyed the seminar in Florida.  I have had all types of training over a 35 year full time military technician career; your team presented one of the best!  Regarding seminars we invested highly in the education of our soldiers/technicians. Conflict resolution, managing difficult people, maintenance management for success and others were given to supervisors. We brought in Community college training for technicians, on the job, and they received college credit for their training.

                I am glad Mesa Wood invested in me and sent me to your Seminar.  I honestly experienced the best seminar ever attended.  The material, format and presenters made this a unique experience.  It is easy to see the passion from all of you during the seminar.

                I have reached out to Ed and Todd on some things we need. Had a long discussion with our President on the seminar itself as well as vision.  Back in her court now to mull over.  Whatever the decision the information I learned is valuable. My first self-assigned task, review/update scopes of work, is in progress. Base documents on hand were good to start with.

                Thank you for making the seminar and enjoyable experience.

John Kovac

Mesa Wood Ltd

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help.  Todd, we walked away with a new perspective and a lengthy agenda moving forward, thank you for all your insights.  It is amazing the change in perspective when you step away from the trees for a few days.  We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

Scott Dirkschneider

Brookline Homes, LLC

Thanks for the great (Advanced Purchasing) seminar this week!  It was a wealth of knowledge and instruction that people just don’t see enough of in our industry.  It’s homebuilding school that no university can offer from a reality standpoint.

Trevor Webb

Mid-Atlantic Custom Builders, LLC

We do not have any Q4 submissions and at this time we don’t anticipate any submission in the near future. 

I know this sounds crazy especially with how well the market is performing.  The reason is, last year my partner and I decided to take advantage of the exuberant market and sold all our undeveloped holdings and completed build-out of our existing communities.  We are now effectively on the sidelines.  For a little background, we started our company in 2009 and were able to take advantage of the down turn via land/lot purchases.  We then went on to complete the vertical construction on multiple communities along the Front Range.  As you might suspect, the market treated us well.    

We would like to thank you and Chuck for your help along the way.  Your webcast, monthly letters and the rebate program were of great help and provided direction, inspiration and a little extra cash flow.

I would like to reiterate, we are on the sidelines so don’t write us off just yet.


Thanks again,


Dan Wenzinger

Triton Communities

I appreciate it so much Christie. Your detailed Info

Gives us great information of the products that we are using and giving back to us as well !

Rose Heckman

David James Homes

Matt and Ed – Thank you very much for providing an engaging (Superintendent's Job) conference for our construction team.  I believe you have motivated our teams immensely!   Thanks again gentlemen!  It was a pleasure seeing you again!  We all look forward to working with you all.

Stephanie Miller

Keystone Group, Inc.

You have made more money for more builders than anyone in this organization (NAHB). All they have to do is pay attention to you.

-visitor at BP booth at 2018 IBS

Dear Shinn Group & BP,

What a privilege it has been for me to know Emma and Chuck Shinn and their affiliates. Their lives, their wisdom, their tender hearts for the needs of this industry, and optimism have been an inspiration beyond anything I can express--so thanks for caring and sharing.

Bill Lee

Sabal Homes of Florida

I attended the Art of Purchasing Seminar last week (awesome!). I got more out of that class than any other continuing professional education (CPE) courses I have taken in the past. -Mike Stevens, CPA, Director of Purchasing

(Received permission from Mike to use this testimonial in our promo materials. LP)

Mike Stevens

Level Homes

I was glad to take part in this (Art of Purchasing) seminar and learn so much that will be helpful both for my work and for our company.  Thanks also to Chuck, Ed, Matt, all the Builder Partnerships team, and the trade partner sponsors for your hospitality last week.  You provided a good forum for us to meet other builders, get to know one another, and share our successes, challenges, and ideas.

Jeff Korman

Gonyea Homes

We are actively working on 2 initiatives I took away from our week together (at the 2018 Executive Summit).  You can count me in for next years event

Don Chesney

Arbor Homes

An attendee from Drees Homes shared the following successes after attending the Advanced Purchasing seminar: 

Solidified a division deal with (a bath product manufacturer)
Re-negotiated better trim labor cost
Re-negotiated better roofing material cost
I do not believe I would have come out as successful had I not attended your Advanced Purchasing seminar.  Thank you

Drees Homes

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