We are performance & profit experts, specializing in the homebuilding industry.

We work with leading regional and local private builders and manufacturers to provide the necessary tools to generate superior returns, strategic relationships and access to ReadyKnowledge so that they can compete successfully and thrive in today’s competitive environment.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Superior returns (the best returns in the industry): We give you the tools and guidance to manage for superior performance and maximum profit (We want a minimum of 10% to 12% net profit with superior results of net profits of over 20%). Learn the secrets and achieve the discipline needed to sustain increased profit margins.
  • Strategic relationships: You’ll have a powerful, exclusive relationship with the industry’s top consultant Charles C. Shinn, Jr., PhD, better known as The Profit Doctor, along with access to a long list of homebuilding’s top consultants. You’ll also develop relationships with the country’s leading manufacturers and distributors through our Manufacturers Incentive Program which will help you pool your buying power with other builders, increasing your purchasing power and leverage.
  • And ReadyKnowledge with access to workshops, webinars, seminars and publications, including Homebuilder University and our Monthly Briefing and Quarterly Journal.

All for the sake of giving Builder Partnerships’ members an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace with improved organizational performance, enhanced discipline and superior profit margins.