Jim Rosewater of Arthur Rutenberg Homes
Jim Rosewater of Arthur Rutenberg Homes

The nation’s largest franchisor of custom homebuilders, Arthur Rutenberg Homes, has appointed Jim Rosewater as its new CEO. Rosewater, formerly chief operating officer, takes the helm as part of a strategic succession plan focused on doubling company growth over the next five years and expanding Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ national footprint.

Chosen as CEO based on his proven track record, Rosewater is credited with spearheading the company’s evolution since 2008 from an entrepreneur-owned company in a single state with a single product line to a growing enterprise operating in 10 states. “Early in my career as an independent builder, I knew Arthur Rutenberg personally, and always admired his reputation for achieving excellence,” said Rosewater. “Through this appointment I’m truly honored to continue Art’s legacy and further lead the company’s expansion into new markets.”

Driving Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ strategic plan, Rosewater will focus on harnessing new technologies to elevate every part of the home design, buying, and building experience – from the initial architectural design process to how consumers integrate home-based technology into their day-to-day lives.

“Jim’s previous experience as an independent builder, former Arthur Rutenberg Homes franchisee and company executive gives him the keen ability to understand the unique needs of our franchisees and accelerate our growth,” said Barry Rutenberg, chairman of Arthur Rutenberg Homes. “As our incoming CEO he will continue the transformational leadership he began as COO and guide our growth from a predominantly family-led business to becoming the coast-to-coast brand of choice for custom homes.”

“Local independent builders who want to grow and sustain a serious business need an edge to compete in today’s challenging environment,” said Rosewater. He stated that the corporate focus on builder support in its franchise model is the Arthur Rutenberg Homes success factor. “We have invested heavily in equipping our homebuilders with technology, sales training, best-in-class architectural services and design resources to help them customize and build luxury homes that consumers want,” said Rosewater. As part of Arthur Rutenberg Homes’ growth plan, new strategic marketing, branding and sales methodologies will continue to attract new best-in-class builders, open new markets and fuel home sales with existing franchisees.

“The experience economy has fostered higher demand for personalization and customization in home building,” said Rosewater. “No other purchase at this level allows the consumer to watch each aspect of their product being made. It’s incredibly important to think of how we engage buyers and must continue to be at the forefront of innovation every step of the way.”

As part of Rosewater’s strategic plan, the company also announced recent changes and additions to its senior leadership team. New appointments include Bill Linehan, chief marketing officer; Dr. Bobby Eberhardt-Taylor, who leads information technology; Don Whetro, EVP of franchise operations; Ken Manisco, VP of construction operations; Sean Marks, Southern Region Group VP; and Kelley Vitorino, who leads all interior design.