The Next Generation of Light Layering

26, Aug 2019

Kichler LED tape and channels expand the possibilities for lighting design  

Kichler Lighting LLC, a leader in innovative lighting and ceiling fans, helps home owners design with light to emphasize favorite spaces, increase safety, and utilize more efficient task lighting. Kichler Lighting's LED integrated lighting options reinforce light layering and help to set the room's lighting effect based on desired ambiance and intended purpose.

So, what is light layering? An ideal lighting design goes beyond a centralized ceiling fixture and includes multiple layers of light, consisting of three basics:
1. Ambient lighting: the foundation for the room, accomplished with options such as track lighting in the kitchen or a ceiling fan in the master bedroom or family room
2. Accent lighting: fixtures that make a design statement, such as pendants over a kitchen island or a decorative wall sconce
3. Task lighting: concentrated light where routine tasks get accomplished. Examples include installing LED tape light and extruded channels in kitchens, along shelving, or around bathroom mirrors.

LED tape light provides well-placed light without visible fixtures or distracting wires, and can make a space appear larger, add cozy warmth, or set the right mood. When used in conjunction with Kichler channels and patent-pending accessories, available with the 8T Commercial Grade LED Tape, tape light can be incorporated into ceilings, walls, floors, cabinetry, constructed into custom sconces or chandeliers, or used to build illuminated baseboards or crown molding.

Here are few ways to incorporate Kichler Lighting's LED tape light and channels:

Forever homes
As millennials and baby boomers alike are making plans for their forever homes, key considerations to support aging in place often are included in home design conversations. Wider hallways and doorways, and single-floor, open-layout living spaces are among the most desired. 

Beyond showcasing beautiful finishes and architectural details, layering light throughout the home provides additional safety after dark. Incorporate tape light above the bed along the ceiling, headboard, or on shelving to assist with late-night reading; floor-level lighting along hallways can assist with safe passage. Also consider adding LED step lights to any interior elevations to help protect against falls.

Elevated kitchen design
According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 91 percent of home owners surveyed have a greater desire to be home and have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are there after completing a kitchen renovation. But that doesn't mean breaking the bank. 

Simply lighting the existing kitchen properly will add depth and dimension while creating the illusion of taller ceilings and larger work spaces. Have your electrical contractor install LED under cabinet lighting to provide useful illumination for completing everyday tasks. Interior cabinet and above cabinet lighting help to elongate the ceiling and spotlight decorative items, while toe kick lighting creates the illusion of floating cabinets.

Dream-worthy closets
From small closet spaces to walk-in dreams, getting ready is easier with Kichler Lighting's LED tape light and integrated channels. To create ambient lighting, add near the ceiling, in dark corners, and along the floor molding. Install under shoe shelves to showcase coveted collections. If belts, ties, and accessories are stored in drawers, apply tape light under the top edge to illuminate drawer contents.
For more tips, to learn more about light layering with LED tape light and channels, or to locate your nearest distributor, visit Kichler Lighting's Indoor Lighting Guide.

The Next Generation of Light Layering

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